Battery Cabinets

Battery Cabinets

  • UL Listed 5th Edition and cUL
  • IntraPack is registered to ISO 9001:2015 standards
  • IBC 2018 Seismic Certified Top Terminal Cabinets
  • IBC 2015 Seismic Certified Front Terminal Cabinets

Cabinet features:

  • Tight footprint
  • Frame made with welded heavy gauge steel
  • Acid resistant powder coat paint
  • Improved ventilation through all sides and top of cabinet
  • Removable top panel and conduit exit area for cable access
  • Removable doors and panels to ease installation and maintenance
  • Front and back of cabinet accessible to standard material handling equipment
  • Locking right door has pocket for manuals and maintenance records
  • Battery monitor friendly with tab washers installed on each battery terminal
  • Dedicated area for electrical output connections and cable routing
  • Access to breaker thru the door to limit exposure to batteries
  • Over-current protection for each battery string, either breakers or fuse protection
  • Breakers installed horizontally to lessen the chance of opening during a seismic event
  • Accommodates multiple battery and breaker manufacturers’
Optional Battery Cabinet Items:

  • Floor stands
  • Seismic anchor brackets
  • Installation of battery monitors and/or harnesses
  • Spill containment pans

Our Capabilities

We strive to be the complete solution provider for our customers.  Our in-house manufacturing capabilities include engineering design to sheet metal fabrication, CNC machining, welding, powder coating and through to complete assembly.