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IntraPack’s History

IntraPack was established in 1986 by Tracy Zaffino. Tracy Zaffino’s vision was to provide a battery cabinet like none other in the market then – one that was superior in quality, easier to install and maintain, and competitively priced. Assured safety and efficient functioning under all conditions were also his priorities. His years of hands-on experience servicing UPS systems worldwide provided insight into building customized battery systems, leading to the birth of IntraPack.

IntraPack’s value proposition is offering customized battery systems based on the requirements of the customer, making every delivered product distinctly different from the other. IntraPack’s comprehensive product list includes cabinets, batteries, floor stands, relay racks and spill pans, among others. Our battery range includes UPS batteries, wet cell batteries, flooded batteries, VRLA batteries, and front terminal batteries.

IntraPack’s Vision

IntraPack’s abiding vision is to be the industry leader in manufacturing customized battery systems for UPS's that rank high in quality, efficiency, safety, maintenance and ease of use.

IntraPack’s Mission

To create a memorable IntraPack experience for all our customers! Our mission is to continue being a customer oriented organization by being flexible and providing solutions tailored to your unique requirements. We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all methodology.

The IntraPack Philosophy

  • Customer comes first - Rapid response to customer's queries and problems.
  • Know your customer's philosophy - Every customer's requirement is unique. Your wish list helps us strategize our products.
  • Cost-effective solutions.
  • Service anytime principle for our customers, even if the sale was done five years back. Sales of all battery system specifications and components are documented for future reference.
  • No compromise on quality and safety.
  • Flexible processes for faster adaptability to change in customer requirements.
  • Empowering employees to take decisions that serve customers better.
  • To create a professionally enriching environment for employees that will enable them to work as a team towards their goals and the company's objectives.
  • Constant innovation and investment in R&D to improvise and enhance IntraPack's product line.

IntraPack - Not a purchase, an investment.
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